Checking in!

Ahhhh hello!

So I started this blog a couple of weeks ago and I already have 16 followers and 114 views overall!!

Thank you so much to those who followed and viewed my blog! I didn’t expect this in a couple of weeks! I’ve also been retweeted by Sky Movies and Sober is Sexy which probably had something to do with it :’)

Funnily enough I intended to set this blog up to be a book blog and I have no book reviews up. But last night I finished a book!!! WOOO!

I also finished a really brilliant film last night so expect reviews for those over the weekend 🙂

Gogglebox + The Graham Norton Show are back tonight and I’m excited!
My uncle and his girlfriend and stepdaughter are visiting us for the weekend from Wales but I’m also seeing one of my good friends on Saturday and then I’m going to Paris on Sunday! Busy bee!

Now I’m getting ready for college because I have creative writing for 3 hours. I like it but today I’d rather stay in bed…

Anyhoo, thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


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