I’ve just finished reading Everyday Sexism – Laura Bates. Laura Bates set up a twitter + facebook group where men (yes! even men experience sexism!) and women alike can submit their stories of experienced sexism. I’m going to do a full review of the book and will explain all my thoughts on it which should be up soon but, my goodness, read it. Or check the twitter @EverydaySexism

I am a feminist. 100%. We live in the 21st century. Why are women still treated like objects? Why are people still preaching “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape”? My youngest female cousins are 3 and 10 years old. I’ll be damned if they have to grow up in a world where society thinks that one girl who was raped deserved it because “she was wearing skimpy clothes and therefore sending signals.” or anything of that sort. Or if the most important thing about an actress is her body/image than her acting skills and credentials.

I do believe we are moving forward. When I was almost followed home after getting off the bus, a nice woman walked with me to the shop making sure I was okay after I had told the guy to get away from me. And when the whole Sam Pepper debacle came about the amount of youtubers (both male and female) who stood up and said his videos were wrong, the amount of outrage sparked from them and their followers/viewers/subscribers eventually got his channel deleted.

Emma Watson’s HeforShe speech is incredible. I hope everybody who has the wrong idea of feminism gets behind this. I hope one day women are able to feel safe on their way home. I hope one day men are able to ask for help without being made to feel weak. I hope one day we can live in a world where men and women are paid the same wage.


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