“These streets are yours, you can keep them.”

So I went to Paris for the day! (I say day… it was more like 4 hours.)

(Also… Bastille lyrics… France… no? *tumbleweed*)

My mum, my uncle and I travelled via Eurostar. First time! I enjoyed it but they didn’t have plugs to charge my phone so luckily my phone didn’t die that allowed me to take pictures!

I really liked the scenery – reminded me of London!

I just wanted to show the pictures I took really. Not much to do in Paris when you’re only there for about 4 hours! :’)

Photo 28-09-2014 17 38 22 Photo 28-09-2014 17 49 21 Photo 28-09-2014 18 05 13 Photo 28-09-2014 18 14 13 Photo 28-09-2014 18 42 41

I really wanted to visit a bookshop called Shakespeare & Co but it was too far away 😦

I did find a book (in English!) in a little newsagent in the station!

Photo 28-09-2014 23 45 51


And this is what I read on the train!

Photo 28-09-2014 21 48 09

Really hoping to finish this. I’m not seeing the hype.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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