Ahhh I have hit 20 posts on my blog which means I have been doing this for 20 days so why not have a bonus post.

I’ve had a productive couple of days!

I’ve finished all my homework.
I’ve started The Walking Dead and I’m already on Season 2 Episode 3. It’s so addictive gahhh
I’ve just finished a film called Lilting which was beautiful and I should be making a post about it next week!
And I’m currently reading:

Photo 03-10-2014 18 03 11

Bel Ami – Guy De Mauspassant.

I’m quite liking it so far! I checked it out of my college library on a whim. Also, I found out this is a film with Robert Pattinson in so I hope I can find that somewhere so I can watch it!

I finally worked out why my posts weren’t sharing onto my tumblr -___-

Busy weekend this weekend! I don’t have lessons on Monday so 3 day weekend woooo! Posts to come about it though. I shan’t give too much away :]]]

A particular book festival tomorrow & sunday.
A particular signing on sunday
A particular event on monday that relates to the signing on sunday.

vague enough for you?

It’s a book + film related event though!

Anyhoo I shall see you next time!

PS: it’s October 3rd. HAPPY MEAN GIRLS DAY! 🙂

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