The Riot Club.

Title: The Riot Club
Director: Lone Scherfig
Writer: Laura Wade
Cast: Sam Claflin, Max Irons, Douglas Booth
Rating: 4/5
Certificate: 15
Source: Cinema!


Two first-year students at Oxford University join the infamous Riot Club, where reputations can be made or destroyed over the course of a single evening.

So I enjoyed this film.

I thought it was great that they had Laura Wade write the adapted screenplay of her play ‘Posh’ (which the film is adapted from.)
I really enjoyed the directing too. The shots of the characters inside the university were friggin BEAUTIFUL.

The writing was good! It was solid. Laura Wade knows what she’s doing and now I really want to pick up the play! I remember it being in the West End a few years ago but I never got to see it. One problem I had with the writing was the ending. As in, there wasn’t one. Like it was very open ended for Alistair and I guess maybe that was intentional? I’d hands down watch another film with Sam Claflin as Alistair if he gave that performance again. Also, some parts I felt were a bit rushed? This may have been down to editing but Miles being recruited for The Riot Club wasn’t as fleshed out as Alistair being recruited was. Also, what is the point in casting Natalie Dormer if her character is only gonna be on screen for not even 10 minutes? I get why her character Charlie was there but the film could have gone on without her character.

The acting was by far the best part of the film. In particular, Sam Claflin’s performance as Alistair. He is utterly the furthest thing you could imagine. His transition from slight innocence to downright sinister is just incredible. He was the highlight of the film for me.

Basically in this film you will find some of the best of up and coming actors. Max Irons is a stand out as Miles, the only one of the group with a brain tbh. Olly Alexander, who I’m more familiar with from his band Years & Years. Ben Schnetzer, who I only saw a few weeks ago in Pride! Both were fantastic. As were the rest of The Riot Club boys including Douglas Booth, Freddie Fox, Sam Reid and so forth!

Also, major shoutout to Holliday Grainger, who I didn’t even recognise as Lauren. She was fantastic as the only female character that had worth in the film. I had previously seen her as Estella in the 2012 adaptation of Great Expectations. I want to see her in more of her work, I need to get on that.

And, unsung hero of the film goes to Harry Lloyd as Lord Riot! He”s not even listed in the cast list on IMDB! Shameful. He’s a fantastic actor, he’s in The Theory of Everything so watch out for him when that’s released.

If you like any of Lone Scherfig’s previous work I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. I’ve only ever seen One Day and I think this is a stronger film compared to One Day.

Or if you like fit lads with great acting skills then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this too.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Yeah, I agree with the acting and it really brought out what great british actors we have. Holliday Grainger was someone who I watched in the TV series Demons, which was a long time ago, so it was nice to see her in the film (even if the circumstances weren’t exactly that great). I haven’t read the original play, but then thinking back, I do remember seeing it on in London too. It would be nice to see and be able to compare it to the original piece so hopefully it’ll be performed again some time in the future!

    I would have to disagree a little on the comment about Max Irons (I do really love him so much) and his character in the film. He isn’t really much better than the others because he didn’t leave when he should have (don’t want to give readers a spoiler – but if you’ve seen it you should understand what the means :P). That’s my only complaint of the film. (Although the couple who were in the cinema with us walked out so I guess it wasn’t their cup of tea!)

    NEVERTHELESS people go see it!!
    Great post Hayley!! :))


    • Ahhh thank you! All opinions are welcome here :’) Max is gonna be in a film called The Devil’s Harvest with Samantha Barks that I think comes out in February (I think!) I’m looking forward to seeing him in more things!


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