Playlist #1

Hey folks!

Happy Wednesday!

I saw The Maze Runner today and OMGKDFGHDNVKDVNJ SO GOOOD. I think I prefer the film to the book. SOMEONE CAST DYLAN O BRIEN IN MORE THINGS.


I don’t know alot about music but I do like a good tune when I hear one! Here are some of my favourite songs at the moment!


This is a FANTASTIC cover! I didn’t even know it was a cover, lol.

Mad Moon Riot are friggin great and badass and I think they have an album coming out next year? (Don’t quote me on that!)


I’ve recently started listening to Lorde’s album ‘Pure Heroine’ and loved it. I also found out she’s hand picking the artists for the soundtrack for Mockingjay Part 1, which is AWESOME! Her cover of ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ was on the soundtrack for Catching Fire and that’s a beautiful cover too.


Taylor Swift is my homegirl, mate. A fan for 6 years and counting! Just give me 1989 already!!!

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know any tunes you guys have been into recently!


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