Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


I was tagged by Sabrina! Thank you so much! ❤



1) Thank the blogger that nominated you, and link back to their blog  in your post

2) Post the awards logo on your blog

3) Answer the ten questions asked by the nominator

4) Nominate ten bloggers for the award

5) Ask nominees ten questions

1. Who is your author that you go buy their books no matter what, sometimes not even knowing what the book is about, just because you enjoy reading their books so much?

Definitely Cassandra Clare and David Nicholls!

2. A character who you’d be a knight in shining armour for?

Laurel from Love Letters to the Dead :]

3. Awesomest bookish themed thing you own?

I have a couple of Mockinjay pins! :]

4. Which book makes you want to live the life of the main character?

Tbh, Cadence from We Were Liars. Maybe in a time before the book’s events bc she’s hella rich

5. What is the one book you reread every year?

I very rarely reread books!

6. What do you love the most about blogging?

I love finding new blogs by people who find my blog! :]

7. And what is the best experience you’ve had so far from blogging?

When my Love, Rosie premiere post got almost 50 views in one day :’)

8. If you had an infinite amount of money to create your very own reading nook, what would it look like?

Definitely like this!

9. Is there a particular genre that you wished you enjoyed reading more?

More historical fiction! I don’t have enough of it on my shelves!

10. Give your life a theme tune!

Welcome To New York – Taylor Swift!

I would tag 10 people but I think the blogs I follow have been nominated already!! 😐

Thanks for reading! :]

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