DVD Haul!

Hello folks!

Today I bring you my DVD haul!

I got a few DVDs for my birthday and thought I’d show them to you!

Photo 17-11-2014 20 28 39

The following films are:

The Christmas Candle
The Little Mermaid
The Lion King
Begin Again
Jersey Boys

I love a good Disney film but I don’t own any! I’ve become a big DVD collector at the moment. Probably because I’m on a book ban and I love the purehmv points system *heart eyes*
Disney have released their films with dust jackets and THEY ARE NUMBERED. I’m going to try and collect them all. I can’t wait. They’re only £6.99 each in HMV anyway! The Little Mermaid and The Lion King are ones I haven’t seen in YEARS I can’t wait to watch them again!

The Christmas Candle, I got because of Samantha Barks. I will watch anything she’s in until the end of time. Trust me. I haven’t finished the film yet so I can’t judge it but there shall be a review up once I have finished it!

And I also love a good musical. Begin Again has intrigued me since it was released in cinemas. And Jersey Boys looked amazing and yet I still haven’t seen the stage show! Oops.

I have already watched Frozen this week but I’m going to try and watch the rest of them this week! Which one should I start with?

Thanks for reading!

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