The Island of Doctor Moreau – H. G. Wells

Title: The Island of Doctor Moreau
Author: H. G. Wells
Published: 1896
Source: Physical owned copy!


Adrift in a dinghy, Edward Prendick, the single survivor from the good ship Lady Vain, is rescued by a vessel carrying a profoundly unusual cargo – a menagerie of savage animals. Tended to recovery by their keeper Montgomery, who gives him dark medicine that tastes of blood, Prendick soon finds himself stranded upon an uncharted island in the Pacific with his rescuer and the beasts. Here, he meets Montgomery’s master, the sinister Dr. Moreau – a brilliant scientist whose notorious experiments in vivisection have caused him to abandon the civilised world. It soon becomes clear he has been developing these experiments – with truly horrific results.”

This is a wonderful gothic classic that anybody could fly through!

I have the Penguin English Library edition which is only 140 pages long.

The story is told from Edward Prendick’s point of view. The book is written like an autobiography which I really enjoyed. You find out what happens to the characters after the main events, which satisfied me and I liked, as some books leave you without a conclusion and that drives me up the wall.

However, the problem with first person point of view is usually that they are biased in their descriptions. Edward says at one point that he felt more comfortable with Montgomery than he did with Moreau and therefore, Montgomery is portrayed as a better person than Moreau is.

Nonetheless, I was instantly hooked into the story, I was always anticipating what would happen next.

It is a very creepy story, maybe perfect for Halloween but very good to curl up in bed with with a cup of tea too!


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