THE BINGE WATCH: The Walking Dead.


When you watch a bunch of films/theatre/tv shows/episodes in one go.

But problems come with the binge watch.

Recently, I spent 5 weeks watching the first 4 seasons of The Walking Dead. I fell in love with the show. It’s gripping, well written, well acted. It’s just fab, right. I’m not into the horror genre as a whole but this is gory and gross BUT IT’S GREAT. I don’t do horror when shit jumps out at you.

I really like the characters. They’re quite the diverse group of people from different backgrounds and jobs that come together in the time of need. (And also Maggie/Glenn = otp)

I think the first 3 seasons of The Walking Dead are the strongest. Just when you think an episode is getting boring BAM! something major happens that makes you gasp, makes you shocked or makes you want to bite your nails off.

However, towards the end of season 4 and especially in season 5 so far I feel like nothing happens until a season finale. Like, I could have the episode on in the background and still know what’s going on. With the previous seasons I would watch 6 episodes in a day, now I just about remember to watch the latest episode.

But is it just me?

Is this because I’ve crammed so much in so little time that all I need is a break from it? Perfect timing really as season 5 is currently on a mid season hiatus.

Or is it just the show’s quality? I still think it’s a great show and it has a massive following that’s deserving but could it be just the show?

If you watch The Walking Dead, what do you think?



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