ahhh The Hour.

I’m somewhat torn about blogging about The Hour.

The Hour follows Bel and Freddie who are journalists looking for their big break and are asked to join a new BBC news show called The Hour. The first series is set in 1956, at the same time as the Hungarian Revolution and Suez Crisis and the second series takes place a year later.

I’m torn because; while it’s well-acted, well-written and well directed


*calming breath*

I received the series 1&2 boxset for my 17th birthday last year and I’ve only just binged it. I’m a big fan of Ben Whishaw and I’ll watch anything he’s in.

Ben Whishaw, Romola Garai and Dominic West are the ultimate dream team in this show. Whishaw and Garai have really great chemistry together as best friends Bel and Freddie. Freddie Lyon is one of those characters you grow to love. He can be an annoying little shit at times but underneath he is very focused and a very hardworking journalist. Bel Rowley is such a well written character, folks. She is well written and well acted, she is someone who I would want to befriend. She gets a lot of stick in the beginning, because who thought a woman could produce a show?!?!? Abi Morgan has created such a fantastic lead character. Abi Morgan has also written the upcoming film ‘Suffragette’ starring Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep and also Garai and Whishaw. Seeing how great this show is written with Bel as the lead, I’m even more excited for ‘Suffragette’ now. Also, usually when there’s a third wheel it messes up the chemistry but Dominic West is charming as ever as The Hour’s presenter Hector Madden.

The show also has a fantastic supporting cast with Oona Chaplin as Marnie Madden, Hector’s wife who eventually stands on her own two feet, and Anna Chancellor as Lix Storm, head of the foreign news at The Hour, and Peter Capaldi as the head of news at The Hour. Capaldi doesn’t join until series 2 but him and Chancellor are incredible together in their scenes and storyline.

Overall, I would recommend but, if possible, try not to get attached too much. The pain is real after the end, folks.

Thanks for reading!

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