Sorry I haven’t posted, been busy with college!

But I have had time to see a few shows. 3 to be exact! I think I’m going to separate posts for all 3 of them!

The first show I saw was City of Angels on 29th December at the Donmar Warehouse.

This is a musical about a novelist who is adapting his screenplay for Hollywood. The show transitions between Stine trying to adapt his novel and the actual film that Stine is writing.


The show is set in the 40’s and everybody talks really fast and everything is overexaggerated – it’s what people stereotypically think musicals are and this is it. Josie Rourke has outdid herself.

The cast are absolutely fantastic too. Hadley Fraser, Tam Mutu, Rosalie Craig, Samantha Barks, Marc Elliott, the cast goes on and on and they all work so well together. Multiple members of the cast play two roles (one in the ‘real life’ scenes and one as a character in the film!) Particular stand out for me though was Rebecca Trehearn as Donna/Oolie. She performs a fabulous song called ‘You Can Always Count On Me’ that I’m obsessed with an keep listening to on Youtube. (Not her version b/c illegal but whoever performs the song on the Original Broadway Cast Recording!)

I also really liked how humourous the show was too! Little tongue in cheek moments and #reversescream 😉

This really is a fantastic show. Beg, borrow and/or steal a ticket (but not mine please!) to see this show. 🙂

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