Review Mashup| Books I haven’t been loving, lately!

Speak peek at my January Wrap Up folks! :’)

So the start of the month hasn’t been that great for me, reading wise.

I’m currently 6 books into the New Year which is fabbbb. 2 I’ve really enjoyed, the rest I have not.

Here are said books!

Photo 19-01-2015 14 04 32

Attachments – Rainbow Rowell
Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham
The Gospel of Loki – Joanne M Harris
Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

Here we have a few different cases of ‘when you’ve spent all that £££ on a book and you’re not loving it so what do ya do?’

Attachments I thought I was going to love. I really like Rainbow Rowell. I loved both Eleanor & Park and Fangirl and was excited to venture into her non YA work.
I found it to be very boring and the plot wasn’t executed very well. I don’t understand how the book is meant to be about two characters meeting and falling in love when it happens within 30 odd pages. I did manage to finish this one.

Lena Dunham I always thought was cool because of her show ‘Girls’. Bare in mind I’ve only seen the first season and I think the first half of the second season and I thought it was really well written. Shame I didn’t like her book. Some of the things she talks about are borderline offensive and borderline triggering for other people and they are written in a way that covers them up as ‘quirky’ and I just could not deal with that. I can take a joke, I appreciate the honesty but I don’t get how some of her anecdotes were published. I was about 50 pages from finishing when I skim read this until the end.

The Gospel of Loki is a book I was interested in for such a long time. It was definitely published at the right time too, given the major success Marvel have with Tom Hiddleston as Loki. But I could not get into it. I got to about 130 pages before I gave up completely. The narrative voice was so bloody annoying, that it didn’t feel realistic. When the narrator refers to oneself as “Yours Truly” and/or “Your Humble Narrator” one too many times, it gets repetitive and boring. I stopped reading this one and skim read it until the end because I just didn’t care.

Gone Girl! Ah the ride I’ve had with this book. I got about 130 pages in and found it boring and tedious. I then watched the movie which I did like except for the shitty ending. However, it sparked my interest in the book again and instead of letting £8.99 go to waste, I thought I’d listen to the audiobook. One of the problems I had reading the novel was failing to capture the voices of Nick and Amy, which the narrators did beautifully. But I was still bored and when the audiobook had finished I added it to my read shelf.

Sorry for so much negativity, I don’t think I could’ve fit all of this into a monthly wrap up!

Bare in mind though, just because I didn’t like these books doesn’t mean you won’t! 🙂

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