March 2015 Wrap Up!

Hello lovely people!

Is it me or is the text box on wordpress getting smaller?!

ANYHOO. I completed 4 books this month! Pretty proud of myself as I had a bunch of coursework to do and hand in!

Here are the books!

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The Scorch Trials – James Dashner
Nineteen Eighty Four – George Orwell
Spirit Bound – Richelle Mead
Bad Feminist – Roxane Gay

The Scorch Trials is the second book in the very popular The Maze Runner series. I wanted to read this before I saw any kind of footage/trailer from the movie so I could create my own vision of the world when reading the book. I really liked this, I thought it was a strong sequel with an action packed plot. There were a couple of introductions to new characters – that I thought helped moved the plot along. There was a slight attempt at a love triangle which made it harder for me to get through but other than that, I really enjoyed this! I think I’m going to read The Death Cure after I’ve seen the movie but apparently the movie doesn’t come out until September… THE STRUGGLE.

Nineteen Eighty Four is a very popular modern classic written by George Orwell. This is my second Orwell book, after Animal Farm which I enjoyed. I didn’t know much about Nineteen Eighty Four before going into it and I think that was why I enjoyed it so much. I didn’t know there was a romantic subplot in this?! I really liked it! However, it does DRAG URGH. At one point Orwell puts in a massive section of a book, the main character, Winston reads and I felt like Orwell gave up and just added it in for the sake of a higher word count. Maybe I read it too quickly. Overall, I would recommend if you’re trying to get into more classics. The writing style isn’t particularly difficult, just a bit boring at times.

Spirit Bound is the fifth novel in the Vampire Academy series. I’M ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE. I started this series at the end of 2013, folks. I was so bored at times, reading this, I just lost all shits that I had for these characters. There were a couple of interesting plot twists that I enjoyed. Also reading this made me realise how much Rose annoys me. I have Last Sacrifice and I’ve started that but put it down as I’m reading something better. I do want to finish this series but I don’t think  I’m going to start the spin off series, Bloodlines.

Bad Feminist is a collection of essays by Roxane Gay about her life, her experiences and her views on feminism. To be honest, this is so overhyped. Gay spends half of the word count just constantly recapping things and it gets repetitive very quickly. That being said, I really like the range of topics she covered. From Scrabble to The Hunger Games to poverty in Haiti to her experiences as a teacher, I did find the whole collection interesting to read about. This is kind of hit or miss really. Read them if you seem interested but if you don’t, you’re not missing out on anything that’s not been said before.

Thanks for reading!

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