Ah, Wilderness! at the Young Vic.

So I realised I haven’t done many theatre related posts on my blog! I figure I’d start now as within the next month I have 1 staged concert and 2 (possibly) 3 musicals planned! :]

I’m going to do an overall ‘shows you gotta see in London’ post at some point too! 🙂

On Friday 8th May, after waiting in the pissing rain for ages for a bus, my friends Angel, Carmela and I set off to the Young Vic to see “Ah, Wilderness!”, a coming of age play by Eugene O’Neill set in Connecticut in early 1900’s where we follow Richard and his family as he transitions from childhood into adulthood.

So I didn’t really know what this play was about. I knew it was by Eugene O’Neill who wrote a ton of plays, that George MacKay was in it and that it was at the Young Vic. I had wanted to see a show at the Young Vic for quite some time as they do £10 tickets for under 25’s. While I do love me a musical, I really want to read and see more plays so why not start here?

The play was really good. It’s considered a comedy but it wasn’t that funny to me? There were moments where it was funny but, in my opinion, that was due to the actors and not the writing. Overall the acting in this cast is fantastic but particular stand outs are George MacKay as Richard and Dominic Rowan as Sid, particularly for their hilarious use of physicality as well.

One major part of Richard’s characterisation is his love of books and poetry that is often mentioned throughout the play and I loved that because we got to hear Richard (and a couple of other characters) recite poetry!

While this is a really good production, sometimes the show overdid it on the cross cutting between scenes and it fell a bit flat for me. Nonetheless, I still recommend it!

Here is the website for more info – www.youngvic.org/whats-on/ah-wilderness

The play runs at the Young Vic Theatre until May 23rd!


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