June 2015 Wrap Up!

Hello folks!

Sorry this is late but today I am here with my June Wrap Up. In which I completely flopped the #Twitterathon ūüėź

I read 3 books, 1 essay and DNF’d a book.

Photo 30-06-2015 18 01 52

The book I DNF’d this month was The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I really had a hard time trying to finish this. I did manage to get about 200 pages into it but I couldn’t finish it. For a first book in a seven book series SO much was happening and it was so hard to keep a track of who was who, what was what, what the terminology meant. It felt really overflowing. Maybe I’ll reread this in the future when the series is nearly complete.

The first book I finished this month was The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks by E. Lockhart which I did like but had problems with it. You can find my review here! 

The second book I finished this month was The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton¬†and I really adored this book! It’s written like a memoir but with a fictional character. Ava is a girl who was born with wings and she researches back through her family history to find out why she was born with wings. I really liked the writing style although sometimes I could hear Walton’s voice instead of Ava’s in the writing which blurred the lines for me at times. Nonetheless would highly recommend.

And the third book I finished this month was Trouble by Non Pratt.¬†I thought this was a brilliant novel. This book follows Hannah who becomes pregnant at age 15. She befriends a new boy at the school called Aaron who pretends to be the baby’s father. This book is more of a character development story as the plot is only relevant for about 30-40 pages but I grew to really enjoy the characters and their development. Pratt manages to weave in the subplots well, although the mystery of who the real father was wasn’t much of a mystery to me, I managed to figure it out and I wish there was an epilogue because it ended quite abruptly. Nonetheless, a very impressive debut novel and I’m looking¬†forward to more of Non Pratt’s work.

And the essay I read this month was A Life with Books by Julian Barnes.¬†This is a really insightful essay into Barnes’ relationship with books, more like a love letter to the physical book format. This essay was written to support Independent Booksellers Week a couple years ago and proceeds from sales go towards a charity called Freedom from Torture which helps provide medical care for torture victims.

Thanks for reading folks! Hopefully July will be a better reading month for me. Too many books, so little time…

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