August 2015 Wrap Up!

Yup, I realise I’m SUPER duper late on this one so let’s get right to it!

After reading a ton of books that I LOVED in July – naturally I had a very mehhhh month in August.

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Finding Audrey – Sophie Kinsella.

Oh boy. Well.
So everyone and their mother seems to love Sophie Kinsella. I had never read anything by her before and as this was her first YA novel so I thought I’d start with this book..

And the book deals with topics of mental health problems and how a young girl and her family deals with them which really intrigued me.  Audrey is 14 years old and I haven’t found any books that deal with these topics at that age

Wow, I did not like this book. It pissed me off so much.
The book was over so quickly, there was no development at all. The love story was stupid. It felt very “girl meets boy and is cured lol x” to me. I didn’t believe the parents could have possibly been real at all because they were so poorly written. Kinsella tries to pull it off as comedic but it really isn’t. The mother spends half her time screaming at Audrey’s brother for playing video games. AND THERE’S NO POINT TO IT in relation to this book.

That’s just the very top of why I hated this book. I’m annoyed at myself for paying £10 for it. That being said, I did finish it so I guess I get brownie points for that.

Vivan Versus The Apocalypse – Katie Coyle.

I ended up DNF-ing this one. I couldn’t get into it, I think I stopped after page 100. I liked the friendship between Harp and Vivian but I couldn’t get into how most of the time Vivian was lusting after Peter. Like, you’re in the middle of an apocalypse there’s more to worry about!!!!!!!!! It didn’t interest me at all to continue to the end.

Being A Girl – Hayley Long

Exactly what it says on the packaging. A really great, humourous go to guide on being a girl! I feel like at 18 I had just missed the age market but I still enjoyed it. If you’re between 13-17 then I think this book is definitely for you!

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

I finally pushed myself to the end of this novel! And I still don’t see what’s great about it! I did like the banter between Lizzie and Mr Collins. And I also enjoyed when Lydia made everyone lose their minds, that was fun. I still want to give Jane Austen another try, I’ll probably check out one of her later novels next time.

Bakkhai – Euripides

So this is the second Greek play I’ve ever read, but the first one I had seen on stage. My mum pulled out seeing the show last minute so I went with my dad. This edition of the play that I have was translated by the poet Anne Carson. Here is the run down version I gave him:

So there’s this God called Dinoysos. He’s the God of wine. Loads of women have flocked out of their lives to follow Dinoysos and his ways. There’s this other guy Penthysus who believes Dinoysos ain’t all that and is all “show me what’s so special about Dinoysos then.”

That’s the general gist of it. I really liked this play! I preferred it on page than I did on stage. It was a really interesting concept of a play. Ben Whishaw played Dinoysos in the production that I saw and he was fantastic. What surprised me was how funny it was! There are some really killer one liners. I’d love to read another edition of the play and compare the differences.

The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Chris Colfer

So this is the third book in the The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer, which I can’t really describe because of spoilers. This is such an underrated middle grade series about two twins who one day find a magical book, fall in and the rest is history. Chris Colfer has created such a unique world with famous characters such as Red Riding Hood (she’s my fave <3), Goldilocks, Jack and The Beanstalk and a whole load more. I highly recommend this series, the arcs over the first three books have been fantastic and I’m excited to get my hands on book 4! Especially after that darn cliffhanger….

Thank you for reading folks! Apologies for the delay – September Wrap Up should be in the next couple of days!

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