September Wrap Up

Hey all! Sorry for the delay. Here is my September 2015 Wrap Up!

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I had another one of a slumpy month this month but I still managed to conquer 4 books!

Only Ever Yours – Louise O’Neill

An incredibly hard hitting debut novel set in a dystopian world where women are bred to be wives to men and have to live up to the standards set to be chosen as a wife. This book is unbelievably hard hitting. What I love about Louise O’Neill’s writing is that she doesn’t try to cover anything up. She gives it to the reader straight, because it’s actually not too far related to the world we’re living in now. With it’s huge emphasis on body image and the pressure to be perfect, this book really hit home for me a couple of times that I had to stop reading. It really is a fantastic novel. There are some trigger warnings in this book for those who are triggered by eating disorders (which, as someone with a history of EDs, I managed to find myself mostly okay to read about – but alas everyone is different) Enter wisely!

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

I could not get into this one. I liked the writing style at first but by page 100 it became too overly descriptive and failed to capture my attention. Also, Victor was a whiney little bitch and this novel could’ve been over quicker if he was just GRANTED THE MONSTER’S WISH. Read it if you want, I just failed to understand why it’s a classic.

Seconds – Bryan Lee O’Malley

A really good graphic novel about a girl called Katie who meets a mysterious girl who allows Katie to do-over her mistakes by giving her a set of instructions. 1) Write your mistake on a piece of paper. 2) Eat one mushroom. 3) Go to sleep. 4) Wake up anew!
I hadn’t read anything by Bryan Lee O’Malley but I have heard his work has great acclaim. While I enjoyed this novel, it didn’t blow me away as such. The story felt flat towards the end but the beautiful art work made up for it. I really loved the construction of all the characters and how detailed they were. The imagery towards the end of the book (which if I gave away the context – would be spoilery) was absolutely beautiful and was well worth the £15 I paid for it. Hoping to read more of O’Malley’s work next!

And I also read The Martian this month but I did a full post on the book and the movie which you can read about here!

Thanks for reading everyone! Hopefully shall read more books to tell you about next month!

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