Title: Suffragette
Director: Sarah Gavron
Writer: Abi Morgan
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff, Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep

I’m going to review this a little differently as I had massive expectations for this film.

When Film 4 announced they were backing this film I was so excited. Yes! A proper feminist film about a feminist movement! Written by Abi Morgan, whose series The Hour I absolutely ADORED. And Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst? YEP SIGN ME UP. I should note that I also felt a little bit special because the film was filmed and is based in East London where I’m from!

The film isn’t AWFUL. It’s really not. It has some fantastic performances in particular from Anne-Marie Duff and Helena Bonham Carter. And it’s an absolutely necessary topic to make a film about, as even today, women are still being refused the right to vote amongst plenty of other inequalities.


Here are my problems with it.

  1. How can you have a film about the Suffragettes and put Emmeline Pankhurst in ONE SCENE? Why was it worth putting Meryl Streep’s names on the posters? WHERE WERE EMMELINE PANKHURST’S DAUGHTERS ALSO? They were a massive part of it all.
  2. Emmeline Pankhurst GENUINELY SAYS IN HER SPEECH IN THE FILM “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave” Bare in mind I haven’t read her book or listened to her speechs so I don’t know how accurate the film got it but really????? REALLY?????? Yes all those slaves who woke up one day thinking “WOW THAT SLAVERY, HUH. SEXUAL ASSAULT? ABUSE? LABOUR? YES SIGN ME UP THAT’S SOME GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE.” And the fact they used this as a slogan to market the film IN 2015 is just fucking awful.
  3. I read an article where the screenwriter, Abi Morgan, revealed that male actors declined auditioning for the film because the roles were too small. No seriously, read it here.  I mean??? Who were these pussy arse actors who were worried about not getting enough screen time. Ben Whishaw had more screen time than Meryl Streep JUST ON HIS OWN. But you know, props to the male actors who donated their time so generously. Bless ur souls.
  4. And also our main character, Maud (played by Carey Mulligan), her character development was so poor and I’m hoping this was due to editing. (I’d say why but SPOILERSSSS)

While the film isn’t completely awful, I would’ve preferred it as a mini series on the BBC.

Suffragette is out now in UK cinemas and is released October 23rd in the States.

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