October 2015 Wrap Up

Another belated wrap up apologies! Been exhausted and ill. Blah.

Today I bring you some mini reviews of the books I read in October!

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The Assassin’s Curse  – Cassandra Rose Clarke

This is the first in a fantasy YA duo about a girl who runs away from her family/clan to avoid being married off to another pirate clan . Her parents send an assassin after her. And she ends up accidentally casting a spell binding her and the assassin together. I quite liked this. I wish there was more world-building though. I’m still going to read the second one though to see how it ends. This book made the rounds on the internet when it’s publishing house closed down so it may be very hard to get a hold of now. But fantasy doesn’t always pull me in but I hadn’t read a book with pirates before. The cast of characters were incredibly interesting in the book – from pirates and assassins to wizards and magical beings. It was a refreshing book to read in the fantasy genre.

The next two books I read were Asking For It – Louise O’Neill and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler (not pictured as I had borrowed from the library). But I did a separate post about both of them HEEEEERE! 

 The Death Cure – James Dashner

As this is the finale in The Maze Runner series I shall not spoil incase folks haven’t read the first two. Overall, I thought it was an okay ending to the series. It felt really dragged out though, the series should’ve been two books instead. And I got spoiled for a couple of plot points which probably ruined my enjoyment. Meh. Looking forward to the film though!

Fragile Things – Neil Gaiman

This is a fantastic collection of short stories that Gaiman has published in different publications! It’s a really cool book to have if you’re a massive Neil Gaiman fan. That being said this is the third book of his I’ve read and I really enjoyed it. This collection shows why Neil Gaiman is a really well respected author and now I’m just hungry for more of his work! I also liked, in my edition anyway, that in the introduction he talks about his inspiration behind each short story. Also, there’s a short story in this collection called How To Talk To Girls At Parties and I found out that there is a film being made based on that story! It’s going to be directed by John Cameron Mitchell who created and starred as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which is a fantastic piece of musical theatre. More info on that here!

I do wish I could’ve read more but I fell into a massive slump! One that I’m trying to crawl my way out of lol. Here’s to November!

Thanks for reading.

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