Daredevil season 2.| may contain spoilers.

A month has past since Matt Murdock returned to our Netflix apps kicking more arse, out to protect Hell’s Kitchen. I had a proper ‘Netflix binge’ session to myself last month and conquered the whole of season 2 in one weekend. This also means this post may contain some spoilers for the show overall. And also may contain some spoilers for Marvel’s other Netflix show ‘Jessica Jones’ as the shows so overlap, especially towards the end. So once you’ve caught up, come back and we’ll have a chat about it then!

As well as Matt returning, we also welcome back Foggy & Karen (aka the holy trinity). This season also introduces famous characters from the Daredevil universe such as Elektra, Matt’s ex girlfriend and a badass assassin. And Frank Castle, aka the Punisher.



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Overall, I LOVED this series. I thought it was such an upgrade from the first season. It was darker, it was epic and it was bloody brilliant.

Charlie Cox is so perfect as Matt Murdock. He is so good. From his body language down to his accent and his acting & fighting skills he completely owns the character. And after watching interviews of him, you can tell he really gives a shit about the character which makes his performance even more enjoyable and even more brilliant.

I also really liked the return of Foggy and Karen. I’m really glad both of them had their own arcs this season. Foggy isn’t just a comedic sidekick and this is definitely shown through the script and Elden Henson’s performance. I really liked how he developed throughout the season, especially at the end! (Them stabbings cleaned up REAL nice, Jeri!) And Karen isn’t just a blonde secretary that’s there for decoration. She had SO much going on this season, I was so happy. At first I was a bit impartial to the Matt/Karen love story going on, especially in the beginning, purely because I felt she would be better suited to Foggy. But the writers sold me on Matt & Karen when he decided to tell her he was Daredevil and I found myself squealing with delight.

I really loved Elektra as well. It was refreshing to see a female character be written and treated like an equal. She wasn’t just a silly love interest. She had history, power and an incredible set of fighting skills that made her a match for Matt. Elodie Yung is a fantastic actress and I hope we see her in more roles throughout her career.

But for me the scene stealer was Jon Berthanal as Frank Castle/The Punisher. It was such a clever move to introduce him in the first episode, rather than wait a few episodes like they did with Wilson Fisk. He’s an extraordinary actor. It’s easy to see why he’s played a lot of roles lately. Some of the recent Marvel villains haven’t matched the brilliance of Tom Hiddleston as Loki or David Tennant as Kilgrave. It was such an interesting back story. He’s so villainous and yet you kind of have some sympathy for him?! Any scene that took place at his trial had me on the edge of my seat (…well… bed). I’ve also watched interviews of him and, like Charlie, you can tell he really cares about the character and wants to give a good performance. Although good is a complete understatement cause he was fantastic.

Now, let’s talk some epic moments from the series.

  1. THE EPIC FIGHT SCENE IN EPISODE 3. Everything about this scene was flawless. The direction. The choreography. The editing. This must have taken some super spies to edit because there was not one mistake. (As far as I could tell anyway…)
  2. WILSON FISK. WILSON!!!! FISK!!!!!! Oh I’m so glad nobody spoiled this. The scenes in the prison took my breath away.
  3. Matt & Elektra’s back story. I love how they can make Charlie look younger just by changing his hair parting. How adorable.

Anyway, I loved this season of Daredevil and I can’t wait for Luke Cage’s series in September!

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