Moments in April.

So since Wednesday, I’ve been stuck in bed with a rotten chest infection feeling sorry for myself. And to cheer myself up, I’ve decided to start a new feature for my little blog here!

Sometimes when you have really shit days, you tend to forget about the really good ones. So I figured this will be a really cool thing to look back on whenever I’m feeling really shitty. *Trust me this isn’t for bragging rights or anything like that, I promise! šŸ™‚

The Impractical Jokers were in town!

Now, I haven’t mentioned a lot about Impractical Jokers, but if you follow me on Twitter they are 80% of the content on my twitter. It’s an absolutely hilarious show, it’s on Comedy Central all the time. It’s a reverse prank show, that follows four friends (the New York based comedy troupe The Tenderloins) that set out to completely embarrass the pants of each other. They recently came to London & Manchester and did four sold out shows (I was at two of them and met them in London also!) and not only are they super good at what they do on screen but they are also provide a fantastic night out with their stand up show.

I only saw a tiny bit of filming (as I got there as production was finishing) and it was super nice to see them and talk to them again. Because this was a very rare thing to witness and I’m super glad I did. First was seeing them on the streets in South London. Then we headed to High Wycombe to watch them film the punishment and let me tell you, it was BRUTAL. I had such a fabulous time and, on top of that, I’m glad I got to see a few of my friends earlier than planned too!

Samantha Barks gave a sneak peek at her debut album.

Now, I did do a full post on Samantha’s concert (which she shared and ICYMI it’s righttttt here!) But it was still one of the highlights of the month for me. Right after I rushed back from seeing The Tenderloins in South London, we fought for front row at Samantha’s show. You can read all about it in the link above and now I can’t wait to see her on tour in June!

Years & Years headlined Wembley!

Another group I love that I haven’t talked about on here. I adore Years & Years’ music, their album Communion is a brilliant piece of work. And it was so exciting to see them headline Wembley Arena. Having gone from seeing them in a tiny venue in Hackney two years ago to seeing them headline Wembley is SUCH a wonderful achievement. And I’m very glad I got to witness it!

Back to the barrio….

I took a trip back to In The Heights this month! It was like understudy central and it was wonderful to see other interpretations of the characters I’ve grown to love! The weekend before I saw the show again, we were treated to a free performance by some of the cast members in The Theatre Cafe.

That’s just some of the really great things that happened this month. I also got to see and hang out with a bunch of my friends that I hadn’t seen in a while which is always lovely. As well as In The Heights I also got to see Nell Gwynn which I posted about HERE!
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 began streaming on Netflix and it was brilliant as ever. I’ve also started watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix and have almost finished the first season. And I also watched Shakespeare Live! which was a fantastic and diverse celebration of Shakespeare that aired on the BBC that also featured this brilliant sketch.

Until next time!


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