May Wrap Up!

Bit of a short wrap up this month as I spent the month in a bit of a slump! However, I’ve got my reading mojo back, in time for YALC at the end of July. This month I read 2 plays, 1 poetry collection and a non fiction all about creativity.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – William Shakespeare.

This is one of my absolute favourite Shakespeare plays. I reread this in anticipation of Russell T. Davies’ adaptation for the BBC which aired on Bank Holiday Monday (which I will review very soon!). I really liked revisiting this play. It’s so funny and I think a very good starting point if you are new to Shakespeare. I also popped on over to yayeahyeah and did a guest post all about why you should read A Midsummer Night’s Dream! – The BBC adaptation is still available on iPlayer too!

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert.

Big Magic was my first foray into Elizabeth Gilbert’s work and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! It’s a very personal book about creativity, inspiration and making time for that. I did a whole post about the book HERE if you would like to find out more!

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage – Sam Riviere.

I’ve been really intrigued in this poetry collection for months, just from the title. After reading the blurb, I imagined I was about to read a poetry collection that looked celebrity culture, the internet, putting on a persona. And yet, that’s not what I got from this collection. Ultimately, I’m not entirely sure what I got from this collection. It felt a bit all over the shop. I’ll admit I did enjoy that this poetry collection wasn’t your typical collection in terms of poetic techniques. But the collection just felt bland and messy, overall.

Romeo & Juliet – William Shakespeare.

Romeo & Juliet is the second Shakespeare play I revisited this month! This was in anticipation of the play in the West End directed by Kenneth Branagh starring Richard Madden & Lily James. This is a production I adored and will also be reviewing later this month. Like Midsummer’s, I think Romeo & Juliet is also a good starting point if you are new to Shakespeare. It’s a classic story. But I also think it’s one that works better on stage than it does on page. I gave the book 3 stars but I really loved the production I saw. All up to interpretation but I’m glad I got to revisit it.

Like I mentioned earlier, a short one this month! Was a very mixed month but plenty more posts coming this month!

Until next time,


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