Jeremy Jordan at the Hippodrome Casino

After much stress getting tickets earlier this month, my friend Olivia and I attended Jeremy Jordan’s concert in London last night! He did a 3 concerts at the Hippodrome Casino for his debut in London. I have been a fan of Jeremy’s for about four years now, ever since I saw Newsies perform on the 2012 Tony Awards and I genuinely believe he has the best voice I’ve ever heard. Jeremy is a fantastic actor with a background in Broadway in shows such as Newsies, Finding Neverland and Bonnie & Clyde. He has also featured in TV shows such as Smash and Supergirl. And also films such as The Last Five Years and Joyful Noise.

The show opened with a parody of Everything’s Coming Up Roses with lyrics changed as a way for Jeremy to introduce to the audience what the show is going to be like. It really showed off how charming, talented, funny and charismatic Jeremy is!

In his set list he included songs from his previous works, some covers and even some of his original songs. He dedicated one of his originals to his wife Ashley and it was completely adorable. He even brought her out to sing a couple of songs with him and man, she has some PIPES. They did a duet of Take Me or Leave Me from Rent and I went to heaven and back.

I also have to mention the director of the concert Ben Ruahala, who was excellent on the piano and was absolutely hilarious and, as someone posted on twitter, a “masterclass in upstaging”.

It felt very surreal being in the same room as Jeremy Jordan and hearing him sing. When the only access you have to hearing someone perform is through videos on youtube, you never know what it’s going to be like in real life. And I have to thank my friend Olivia who put up with me while I was 6 coffees in and super hyper and couldn’t control myself when he sang my favourites like Moving Too Fast & Santa Fe.

I also though it was super cool how he involved the audience in the show. He shared some really personal stories. He answered questions from the audience. And at one part during the show, he was telling us that one of his favourite songs to sing from Bonnie & Clyde was a song called ‘Bonnie’. He said it was quite a hard song to sing because it’s better when he has someone to perform to…. which I volunteered for.

Now, this is something that is SO unlike me to do so. I get nervous just talking in front of people. But the caffeine got to my head, told me to ‘fuck it’ and then I found myself sitting there on stage with him trying to keep a straight face while he was singing a FREAKING LOVE SONG TO ME.

Another highlight was the medley he and his MD Ben had created, as they didn’t have enough time to fit in every song that folks on Twitter requested. With songs including Don’t Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl / It’s All Coming Back To Me Now / Raise A Little Hell / Maria / Run Away With Me and various others.

To conclude this ramble, I had an absolutely amazing time. Jeremy is something special in musical theatre and I really, really hope he comes back to the UK soon!

And I will end with my favourite cover of his. THE VOICE!!!


Until next time!


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