Book Recommendations: #ZoellaBookClub edition.

One big bookish campaign that took place over the summer was the Zoella Book Club. Zoe Sugg who is a Youtuber and best selling author partnered up with WHSmith and picked 8 books that became available in exclusive new covers for the summer. I had already read a small handful of the books on the shortlist and figure I’d recommend some books like the ones on the shortlist for you to add to your TBR piles.

You can read & purchase the Zoella Book Club picks here!×09169

(Should note – this post is NOT sponsored in any way.)

If you like The Sky Is Everywhere – Jandy Nelson,
then you’ll like All of the Above – Juno Dawson.

While, overall, I didn’t absolutely love The Sky Is Everywhere, I did enjoy the poetry aspect of the book. The main character Lennie writes poetry as an outlet as she grieves over the death of her sister. And the main character in All of the Above, Toria, writes poetry as an outlet for her insecurities/anxieties about moving to a new town and starting a new sixth form. All of the Above also deals with the theme of grief (I’d say how but spoilers.) I will say, AOTA is more light hearted than TSIE. But both are very fast,popular contemporaries.

If you like We Were Liars – E. Lockhart
then you’ll like The Lost & The Found – Cat Clarke.

Both books are mysterious, family centric, thriller YA books. I flew through both of them when I read them. We Were Liars centres around a girl whose trying to piece together what has happened in her family home. The Lost & The Found centres around a girl whose sister went missing when she was younger. And now 13 years has passed since her disappearance, she comes back. And the book follows how the family reacts and reappearance of the missing child.

If you like Billy & Me – Giovanna Fletcher,
then you’ll like Afterworlds – Scott Westerfeld.

In Billy & Me, Sophie finds herself thrown into the limelight when she begins to date Billy, who just happens to be a famous actor. And the book follows how Sophie tries to cope with having so much attention thrown onto her which is similar to the main character in Afterworlds, Darcy. Darcy has just signed a major publishing contract and is moving to New York to publish her book ‘Afterworlds’. Afterworlds has alternating chapters. So you get to see Darcy and her experience becoming a published writer in New York. And you also get to read the book that Darcy is publishing. I did a full review of Afterworlds here if you would like to know more on the book!

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve found a few more books to add to your TBRs!

Until next time,


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