That Time I Went To A Google Party.

I’ve decided to keep my content on my blog very varied. I think seeing the same thing in one area of the internet can get very boring. So while I will continue to post about books & theatre, I will also share some insights into my life. So you can find out more out the blogger, rather than what they are reading/watching.

Now, about the title.

Let me explain…

When I’m not at the theatre/writing/tweeting about how great Alex Brightman is, I spend my time doing biddable media as an apprentice for a media agency. In basic terms, you see those ads at the top of some search results on Google/Bing/other search engines? Well, I do that. Obviously, there’s more behind it, this is what Google gives as a definition:


One of the market places we bid on is Google. And our rep invited us to a party as a Premier  Partner. Again, in basic terms, this means we spend a good amount of money with them.

Photo 08-09-2016, 19 35 59.jpg

The event first started off with a small presentation while other attendees filled themselves up with free drinks. Then the small hall opened up, leading to a back room filled with food & confetti. There was a massive modern photobooth that had about five cameras on you and made your super cool photo into a gif format THERE AND THEN. And it sent straight to your apps so you can check it out on my instagram here! 

Now, this was the kind of posh do where they had RABBIT SAUSAGE ROLL ON THE MENU. I filled myself up on beef, meat sticks and coca cola and continued wandering around wondering what the hell I was doing there. I was SO out of my comfort zone. I am not that much of a party person. It’s incredibly exhausting when you don’t drink alcohol and you’re trying to match the energies of those who are drunk.

After eating as much food as I could contain and feeling more like I wanted to be in bed than be a burden, I decided to head home. While the rest of the team tried to hunt out more alcohol. Even though they looked like this before I left:

Photo 08-09-2016, 20 49 28.jpg

Let me know if you want anymore posts like this!

Until next time,


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