Joel Dommett @ Soho Theatre.

A couple of weeks back, I had seen on Twitter that one of my favourite comedians was doing a show at the Soho Theatre. Having seen Joel on stage twice before, both times being at the Soho Theatre, I knew I had to go again. This time was special though as the show was being recorded for a DVD.

You may recognise Joel from TV shows such as Russell Howard’s Good News, Bring The Noise & the first UK version of Impractical Jokers. But you may not know that he’s a brilliant stand-up!


The title of his show was “Pretending To Smoke With A Breadstick”. The whole basis of the show was Joel pledging that he was not going to lie through the stories that were part of the show. And it made me think of every stand up show I’ve ever watched and wonder whether the most extreme stories I’ve ever heard were actually true.

But, then I realised, that it shouldn’t matter what stories are true or not. I watch comedy shows to have a good laugh and that’s what I have had every time I’ve seen Joel do stand up! The show was brilliantly engaging with the audience. Joel brought one guy up to be his passenger during his entrance and continued to have banter with him throughout the show.

From stories about relationships, sex, a song about a laser dick and one particular tale about a one night stand involving a carpet, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the show.

Sometimes it may seem like all you see are the same five or so comedians on tv, especially British TV. But if you’re a fan of comedians like Russell Howard and Jack Whitehall then I definitely recommend checking Joel out!

Until next time,



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