Unboxed – Non Pratt

Title: Unboxed
Author: Non Pratt
Year Published: 2016
Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25648276-unboxed



“Unboxed is about four teenagers who come together after several months apart. In previous years, they had put together a time capsule about their best summer with a friend who was dying. Now that their friend has passed, they reunite to open the box.”

I utterly adore Non Pratt. Seriously, you should follow her on Twitter. After adoring her first two novels Trouble and Remix, I was so excited to see she had published a new book. Especially because the main theme of the novel is friendship.Now, I come from a small-ish line of squads, so I was thrilled when I saw this book had been published.

One thing I love about Non’s writing is that it feels very British. Her character’s mannerisms and speech make me feel like these were the kind of people I used to go to school with. And how awkward it is at first once you are reunited with those people.

The book is quite short and I flew through it in a couple of days. It amazes me how much personality and life Non has written into these characters in just over 200 pages. I really enjoyed reading about the characters – my favourite was Alix and the journey she had been on between Millie’s passing and when the gang reunited. I also found the moments where the characters reflected on their past relationships with each other really endearing as well.

I’ll refrain from any more details so I don’t spoil you, but I really, really enjoyed this. Unboxed is a beautiful and heart warming book on friendship falling apart and then coming back together. I should also note another great thing about this book. The book is published by Barrington Stoke – a publishing company that publishes dyslexia friendly books, enabling this book to access more people.

If you liked books that Non has previously written as well as books by the authors below then you might love Unboxed like I did!

  • And a Happy New Year? – Holly Bourne
  • All of the Above – Juno Dawson


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