Housekeeping #1 – Birthday, Blogmas & All The Shows!

Hello all!

So you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a week (or unless you haven’t… then why haven’t you? HMM? Anyway…)

Been having a little bit of writer’s block – so many posts that I want to write but always a case of not having the time nor energy. I’ve been trying to keep a balance of book posts and theatre posts but I haven’t been reading as quickly as I’m used to lately. I recently finished Dumplin by Julie Murphy which took me well over two weeks to read. Not ideal when I have 90+ books on my TBR!

I also have a load of shows booked over the next month or so that I’m super excited for. I’m hoping they’ll be incredible as I hope they are and I can spread the word!

But today I figured I’d do a bit of a housekeeping post to explain my sporadic posting! I’m officially a 20 year old so I should probably start getting my shit together. So I’ve decided to do Blogmas next month. So expect a blog post from me every day up until Christmas. Lots of shows and hopefully books to spread the word about!

That’s all really, happy sunday

from a newly 20 year old


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