Aladdin @ The Prince Edward Theatre

So, the last show that I saw as a 19 year old with my pals was the absolutely outstanding production of Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre.

Aladdin packs in lots of magic, additional scenes & songs and talent into bringing the popular 1992 Disney film to life. Led by Dean John Wilson as Aladdin, Jade Ewen as Princess Jasmine & Trevor Dion Nicholas as the Genie, this production made me realise how much I love the original film.


With the show being a Saturday matinee, excitement was definitely in the air when we walked in. There were loads of kids about that were dressed up as various Disney characters. And even though I clearly missed the memo, I was really excited that parents were taking their kids to the theatre! I first saw Les Miserables when I was 13 and I’ve never looked back.

The theatre is MASSIVE. It’s made for big and cinematic shows. I had previously been here to see Miss Saigon – another big and cinematic show – earlier in the year. There’s nothing intimate about this theatre, just like there’s nothing intimate about Aladdin.

I’ve wanted to see Aladdin on stage for a while. It had not long opened in New York when I went but it was the Tony Awards performance of ‘Friend Like Me’ that made me really want to see this show in London. And it was WORTH THE WAIT. It was the best performance in the show. There were so many costume changes that happened in the blink of an eye. The Genie’s entrance was absolutely epic. There were lots of British references as well. And the set design was filled with so many golden treasures. I was in awe of the entire company on that stage.  Trevor Dion Nicholas as The Genie really brought one of my favourite Disney characters to life and I am truly thankful.

I also enjoyed Jade Ewen as Princess Jasmine. She was feisty and feminist with an incredible set of vocals. And she worked brilliantly with Dean John Wilson who was charming and charismatic as Aladdin. The stage during “A Whole New World” was lit up and felt truly magical to watch.

I really, really loved Aladdin. I felt so happy and joyous when I left the theatre and I can’t wait to revisit the show again. I hope Aladdin is in for a long run here in London.

Also, huge thanks to Claire, Courtney & Jen for tagging along with me!


Until next time,


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