Lazarus @ the King’s Cross Theatre

Inspired by the book by Walter Trevis, Lazarus is a surrealist, technologically fantastical piece of musical theatre about a man names Thomas Newton who has fallen to earth, he then, meets a girl that only he can see, who is trying to figure out why she’s there to help him. We also follow other people in Thomas’ life including his assistant Elly.

The cast is led by some really fantastic performers. Michael C Hall excels as Thomas and I’m very glad I got to witness an amazing performance. But the standouts, for me, were Amy Lennox as Elly and Sophie Anne Caruso as Girl. Amy Lennox is becoming a star quickly within the West End since her performances in Soho Cinders and her Olivier Award nominated turn as Lauren in Kinky Boots. The journey her character goes on throughout the show is faultless and I couldn’t take my eyes of her. Sophia Anne Caruso is only 15 years old and her voice is stunning. I absolutely loved her rendition of ‘Life on Mars’. She’s definitely one that will go far.

The stage is pretty simple but with most of the story being told in the incredible visuals and technological aspects, it is like you’re watching the show on a big cinema screen. And while I enjoyed the show for the most part, I found my focus losing at some moments of the show. Purely because they focused on characters that weren’t Thomas, Elly or Girl. And most of the other characters I felt were just fillers to keep the show going.

When I saw this show was announced I messaged my friend Angel and knew she definitely had to see this show for two reasons. 1) She loves David Bowie. And 2) She loves Dexter, which also stars Michael  C Hall. And amongst the moments I didn’t enjoy, I am still glad that we saw this as I’ve never seen a show like this before. This show is definitely a love letter to David Bowie fans, including a touching tribute at the end. I think I would have enjoyed this more if I was a bigger David Bowie fan.

Lazarus is running at the King’s Cross Theatre until January 22nd. For tickets and more information you can visit

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