Introducing: A Girl With A Plan

Welcome to my new blogging series!

Over the last couple of years or so, I have turned into a slightly hardcore planner. I don’t plan down to the minute but I also can’t do last minute plans nor can I do spontaneity. This is a new series where I will showcase different Etsy stores I use to buy my stickers, what kind of planners work for me and other tidbits that I use to plan.

At the moment I’m in the middle of using 5 different notebooks/planners.

  • To track my reading progres
  • To track what shows I’m seeing and if I’ve reviewed them

Both of these notebooks I bought at the British Library in Euston. They were half price as it was just when the exhibition finished and I ended up getting 4 for the price of 2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream tracks my reading and Twelfth night tracks my theatre reviews. The other two notebooks are in a similar style but feature Macbeth and The Tempest.

  • My Kikki K planner which I also use as a journal.

I LOVE Kikki K. I am obsessed. I stumbled upon a bunch of Instagrammers who document their planners and Kikki K was a brand that popped up a lot. There’s a beautiful shop in Covent Garden that I went to a few times and I had such trouble deciding on what planner to kick 2017 off with. I liked that there was a lot of space on the page that at the same time didn’t restrict you. I don’t like planners that have times in the margin. With this planner I can freely place my stickers anywhere while also writing about my day and how I’m feeling.

  • My Faber & Faber poetry journal to track days I’m busy/events I have planned.

This was the journal I originally picked up first. I really like the look of it and I like that every page highlighted a specific poem or poetry collection on it. But it didn’t give me enough room to document everything that I wanted to do that day. And there’s no space on the page to write down everything that I do on the weekend. Especially when that’s when I do most of my blog work. How else am I suppose to track what I’m reading? what I’m seeing? whether I woke up at 1pm or not?  So I use this planner as a way to list all the events I am attending.

  • Notebook I use to track what books I need to read on my TBR. I also use pages in here to track what books I’ve purchased.

This was a notebook that I was given at work (as we work on Twitter). And I’m practically always on Twitter. I did a post recently about the 12 books that I wanted to be off my TBR by the end of the year. I use this notebook to track whether I’ve read those books. I also use this notebook to write a mini reading list so I can use them in a potential future post. And I’ve been tracking how many books I’ve purchased this year. (5 so far…. oops.)

I hope this was slightly interesting! Let me know what you’d like me to add to the series!

Until next time,


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