Half A Sixpence @ Noel Coward Theatre

Half A Sixpence has indeed landed in London with a massive flash, bang, wallop. Based on the H.G Wells novel Kipps, the show follows Arthur Kipps who unexpectedly inherits a fortune and is led to London from his home in East Grinstead to become a gentleman. As well as using David Heneker’s music from the 1967 film, this production has added new music from composers George Stiles and Anthony Drewe. Going into this show, I knew practically nothing about it. I only knew the song ‘Flash, Bang, Wallop’ and that was about it. And when I left the theatre, I was already planning my next trip to see this again.

The company is led by the absolutely incredible Charlie Stemp as Arthur Kipps. He played Arthur with such heart and charm and warmth, that I really became invested in the character. As well as fantastic acting, add in a incredible vocals, movement and stage presence, it’s as if Cameron Mackintosh conjured Charlie up himself.

Alongside him is the equally fantastic Devon-Elise Johnson as Ann, Arthur’s best friend from childhood. Her and Charlie have wonderful chemistry together and I loved how their voices blended together really nicely. I also liked that Ann has an interesting arc throughout the show that comes as a surprise before act two – something I didn’t see coming – but still enhanced the story.

With fantastic standout support from Emma Williams & Ian Bartholomew, out of this world choreography and tunes you won’t be able to stop humming – Half A Sixpence is an incredible show about love, family and class.If you enjoy big musicals like Guys and Dolls or Hairspray and you enjoy a cockney accent, then I definitely think this is one to see.

Half A Sixpence is currently booking until 2nd September 2017. You can find more information at http://www.halfasixpence.co.uk/

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