So You Enjoyed La La Land and Want More To Watch Musical Films?


Having grown up practically living off films like Grease, Calamity Jane & The Wizard of Oz, it’s no wonder that I am the massive musical theatre geek that I am today. Below here are five musical films that I absolutely love and think you will too.

  • The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years is a musical by Jason Robert Brown told over the span of five years documenting the relationship between Cathy and Jamie. While Jamie’s narrative is chronological from the moment they meet to when they break up, Cathy’s narrative goes in the opposite direction. When I saw La La Land, I got some very TL5Y vibes from it due to recurring themes of success, fame and love.

  • Hairspray

In La La Land, we see the journey Sebastian and Mia go on to achieve their dreams, like we do with Tracy in Hairspray who dreams of being a dancer. Set in 1960s Baltimore, the music in Hairspray is a lot more louder and bold compared to La La Land but still carries a similar message of catching your dreams.

  • Dreamgirls

Another musical film with incredible music and the recurring theme of success. Dreamgirls was also nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards too. With standout performances from Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce and a story that spans over 10 years, this modern classic is one to watch if you can.

  • Chicago

Gorgeous and slick choreography and beautifully directed by Rob Marshall, who doesn’t love Chicago? Another modern classic with an incredible performance from Catherine Zeta Jones and stunning use of cinematography and plenty of jazz references, what’s not to love?

  • West Side Story

I could see in La La Land slight homages to West Side Story, in terms of beautiful cinematography, directing and choreography. The story is completely different but the way the choreography is directed, I could see the influence in terms of the directing in La La Land. Another classic musical film with amazing and timeless music.

  • Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine On Leith is a really underrated musical film. The film is about two British Army Servicemen returning home to Edinburgh and is an adaptation of the stage show with music from the Scottish band The Proclaimers. I don’t hear many people talk about this film but it’s a wonderful, feel good musical that’s also about love.

Hope you have found some musical films to watch! Let me know which ones you’re looking forward to watching.

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  1. I’ve seen all of these except Sunshine On Leith, which sounds neat so I shall definitely add it to my list. I love feel-good movies.
    As for other musical movies, John Carney has made three: Once, Begin Again, and Sing Street. Once is kind of boring but I loved the other two.

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