Jack Whitehall: At Large @ Wembley Arena

Having been watching Jack Whitehall’s stand up on various TV shows and on YouTube for years, this was only the second time I had seen Jack’s live arena show. I first saw his Gets Around tour in 2014 at Wembley with my dad. Not ideal in terms of content but I still had a good laugh. In fact, the  performance I went to is the exact one that’s on Jack’s Gets Around DVD/stand up special. And I was super excited to see him on stage again.

First of all, there’s a VT intro with cameos from Jack’s famous friends like David Walliams, James Corden & Freddie Flintoff. Jack has to try and find a lift to his show in London. Then he steals a horse from a little girl and leaves to go to his show. At this point, I’m sitting in my seat thinking “is he really going to go on stage at Wembley via horse?” AND THEN HE DID. The horse even had a learner driver logo on it’s bum. And at one point, even dropped a nice package to upstage Jack for a few moments.

With tales of failed success in America, a story about being dragged out of a Muslim wedding by his girlfriend and an epic Disney ending, my friend Claire and I spent two hours laughing. And I think it’s what everybody needs, especially in these shit times. Jack did mention that the show will be released on DVD at the end of the year. I highly recommend his stand up, should you get the chance to see him.

Thanks for reading and until next time,


PS: Claire and I got to meet Jack before the show and he was just as lovely and charming as I imagine he would be!

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