Max Gill’s modern interpretation of La Ronde at the Bunker Theatre

Last weekend, my friend Jen & I went to see the critically acclaimed production of La Ronde at the Bunker Theatre in London Bridge. Max Gill has adapted the 1897 play by Arthur Schnitzler from late 1800s Germany to 2017 London. With 10 scenes that weave into a narrative and a company of four actors, the characters in each scene is chosen by a giant wheel at the back of the set with the actors faces on it. The point of the piece is to have characters that can be played by anyone and everyone of various genders/races/colours/sizes/abilities etc…

The play mostly focuses on the themes of sex, sexuality and gender fluidity. With a bunch of characters that could be anybody you know. From a prostitute to a screenwriter to a Polish cleaner to a bus driver to a spouse having an affair with a student. And at each performance each character could potentially be played by either Lauren Samuels, Leemore Marrett Jr, Amanda Wilkin or Alexander Vhalos. It’s an extremely well written play. As an aspiring writer, I find it admirable how Max Gill has managed to create life into these characters whilst having a blank slate to work on, as well as threading a very impressive narrative across 90 minutes.
The new adaptation had it’s premiere performance at the Bunker Theatre, just down the road from London Bridge station on Southwark Street, in, what used to be, an underground car park. And it’s definitely an intimate setting for an intimate piece of theatre. La Ronde is definitely one of the top shows I’ve seen so far this year. If you can make it to the Bunker Theatre tomorrow or on Saturday then please go and see this brilliant show. I hope it has life outside of the Bunker one day.

You can find more information at

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