Speech and Debate @ Trafalgar Studios 2

Written by Stephen Karam, Tom Attenborough directs Douglas Booth, Patsy Ferran & Tony Revolori in this fantastic, intimate production in Studio 2 at the Trafalgar Studios. Three high school students are brought together in their school’s speech and debate team after a scandal at their high school leaks.


Speech and Debate is a fantastic play led by three incredible talents. Douglas Booth as Howie, an out gay student who wants to create a Lesbian, Gay, Straight Alliance, is charming and a natural on stage, considering it’s his first West End play. Tony Revolori is hilarious as Solomon, a high school reporter.Solomon spends his first scene trying to convince his teacher (Charlotte Lucas) to let him publish articles in the school paper that’s deemed as “controversial” such as underage sex and abortion. But for me, the stand out in this production is Patsy Ferran as Diwata, a musical theatre loving oddball artisté with a secret. She spends most of her time on stage by herself, talking & singing into her podcast. Diwata also has the best lines in the play, which appears to flow naturally from Ferran.

Speech and Debate is a play written for those who have/always had trouble fitting in.A gay friendly play with hilarious dark humour, relateable characters and an amazing George Michael tribute before the end, Speech and Debate is a fantastic show. Tom Attenborough has directed a fantastic piece and transforms the simple, small space from bedrooms to classrooms to a diner with incredible projections. It’s one of the best plays I’ve seen this year. Stephen Karam’s text is in support of young people wanting to make a change, without being patronizing or demeaning at all. It was so good, Bliss and I decided to get tickets to another performance just before it closes. Grab a ticket while you can as it’s only running until 1st April.

For more information and tickets please visit http://www.atgtickets.com/shows/speech-and-debate/trafalgar-studios/

And as a side note, my friend Bliss and I met Douglas Booth after the performance and he was absolutely lovely!


Until next time!


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