Hidden London Gems | Lockie’s Kitchen in Romford

Having lived and grown up in London since birth, I’ve been wanting to showcase different places in and around London that people may not know about. London is filled with loads of independent businesses from cafes to bookshops to clothing stores. I love being a Londoner and supporting small businesses whenever I can.

First on my list is a small-ish cafe in  the Quadrant Arcade in Romford, Essex, just 20 minutes by train from Stratford. I’ve been coming to Romford to go shopping with my mum ever since I was little, but I haven’t been for a few years. Until my mum told me about this cafe that had recently opened and had attracted a lot of buzz called Lockie’s Kitchen.

Lockie’s Kitchen is owned by James Lock, who frequently appears on the tv show The Only Way Is Essex, so fitting location, really. Situated just next to Romford Market, in the Quadrant Arcade, it can be quite hard to miss if you don’t know it’s there. With a menu that covers all day breakfast to lean, protein filled lunches to something for the kids. I opted for the plain pancakes topped with sugar and came with a small dish of syrup. My mum ordered a breakfast wrap with bacon, egg, sausage and a hash brown with a side of chips. Plenty to keep us going before we started shopping.

If you are in or around the area, Lockie’s Kitchen is a quaint place with excellent food to kick start your day, especially you plan on shopping around The Liberty.

You can find more on Lockie’s Kitchen at http://www.lockieskitchen.com

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