I’ve Got My Headphones On

I often feel most at peace when I have my headphones on, especially if I’m travelling somewhere on my own. Over the last couple of months, I’ve started making playlists on Spotify to change up what I listen to. Usually, I would buy albums at a time but there are some songs that give me such a buzz, even in passing on the radio.


“Absolute Buzz” is a term I’m 90% sure I picked up from my friend Claire. This is a playlist filled with tunes you can jam to. I mostly use this playlist when I’m walking/travelling to places so I feel a sense of that extra buzz. This playlist is one massive giant random place of 49 songs. You can listen to them all in one go or, as I prefer with this playlist, shuffle them and get a surprise!

I should make a note that in no way am I being sponsored by Spotify. It’s an app I used ages ago and have started getting back into making playlists to listen to and thought I would share.

Hope you enjoy!

And until next time,


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