Lea Michele @ Shoreditch Town Hall

For a born and bred Londoner, it seems like an obvious choice for performers to stop off and perform in the city. But it’s rare for a performer that I like to be performing just fifteen minutes down the road from me.


You may know Lea from her Broadway career in shows like Spring Awakening & Fiddler on the Roof. You may know her from her television career in shows like Glee & Scream Queens. Or you may have heard her debut album Louder pop on Spotify. Incredibly, during her ever so varied career, she is about to release her sophomore album titled Places. While her debut is the kind of album to blast on a road trip, judging from the songs she performed last night, Places seems to have a more intimate and more person feeling behind the songs. Standout songs for me were Love Is Alive and Anything’s Possible.


Lea was accompanied by a brilliant five piece band that enhanced Lea’s vocals to the roof of the Town Hall and back. In between songs, she told some anecdotes behind some of the songs (including being in a rage at a yoga class). And just when you think she couldn’t drop any more songs from Glee in her set, she drops Make You Feel My Love & My Man too. Lea is truly a shining star. Seeing as her debut London show sold out super quickly and at short notice, I hope she sticks around in the UK for a bit longer next time.


Thanks for reading! Lea’s second album Places will be released April 28th so make sure you buy!

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