Stuff I’ve Seen | Woyzeck, Angels In America, Interlude In Prague.

I have been through the biggest blogging slump ever. This post has taken me two and a bit weeks to write. I go on holiday on Monday, I was hoping to have individual posts about the below but I’m lazy and have slumped them into one giant post. But I did see some wicked things that you should try to check out!

Woyzeck @ Old Vic Theatre.


Jack Thorne’s new adaptation of Woyzeck stars John Boyega as a soldier who has relocated with his girlfriend and newborn baby to Germany in the midst of The Cold War. It’s mostly a story about a couple trying to create a better future for their family. What was so interesting about this play is the main character, Frank Woyzeck, appears to be suffering from PTSD, but it’s never explicitly stated.  He goes on a drugs trial to earn extra money and the play blurs the lines between Frank’s reality and what Frank thinks is happening. John Boyega as Frank and Sarah Greene as Frank’s girlfriend Marie deliver exceptional performances, two of the best I’ve seen this year. It’s an insanely intense play, particularly act two. The ending had my jaw on the floor. Jack Thorne’s new interpretation is brilliantly crafted. Woyzeck is running at the Old Vic until 24th June. For tickets and more information visit

Angels In America @ National Theatre


Also known as, the best thing I’ve seen this year so far and, quite possibly, ever. Angels in America is a play by Tony Kushner that takes place over two parts. Part One: Millennium Approaches stands at 3 hr 30 while Part Two: Perestroika stands at 4 hours. It is truly epic, fantastical theatre at its best. Most of the performances are one half of the show on its own but some days the company perform both parts in one day, which was the case in the performance I attended. The play has multiple storylines that cross over in both parts but mostly follows a young New Yorker called Prior Walter who is diagnosed with Aids. As a result, his boyfriend Louis (James McArdle) leaves him and finds solace in Joe (Russell Tovey), a closeted Mormon with an anxiety ridden wife (Denise Gough) at home. This play is performed exquisitely by the finest acting company in London at the moment. The cast is led by the absolutely mesmerizing Andrew Garfield as the aids stricken Prior Walter. Every moment he was on stage, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Nathan Lane commands the stage with an almighty presence as infamous New York lawyer Roy M Cohn. This is undeniably one of the tightest ensembles in London at the moment. Many of the actors (except for James McArdle) play multiple characters with faultless transitions. It’s a beautifully written play that starts off being about the Aids crisis in 1980’s New York but ultimately grows into being about appreciating the life you have in general. Marianne Elliot has directed a masterpiece that will no doubt sweep the Oliviers next year. You can find more information on the production at

Interlude In Prague

Interlude In Prague is a wonderful film directed by John Stephenson that forms a fictitious narrative based on events in Mozart’s life that led to the creation of the opera Don Giovanni. Leading the cast as Mozart is Aneurin Barnard (War and Peace, Thirteen, the upcoming Dunkirk) who does a fantastic job bringing the famous composer to life. Samantha Barks, Morfydd Clark and James Purefoy round out the supporting cast with fantastic performances. The music is absolutely stunning with vocals from Samantha Barks as Mozart’s muse Josefa Duchek. For a film that was made on a small budget of £5Million, the set design is stunning and is extravagant as Mozart’s music. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing film as well with the most stunning cinematography by Michael Brewster. The film only had a very limited cinematic release but it is available on DVD in places that sell DVDs!

And that’s me! I shall retreat to a small hiatus while I am enjoying NYC! Be sure to check back for my Travel Diaries!

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