15 Taylor Swift Songs People Have Slept On

To celebrate the release of Taylor Swift’s sixth album reputation I have created a playlist of 15 underrated bops from her previous works. You can follow and listen to the playlist on Spotify here. The playlist is a mixture of Taylor’s previous work so you can listen to it in chronological order or on shuffle after you’ve finished your tenth round of jamming out to reputation.

I’ve selected 15 songs that, to my knowledge, weren’t made as mainstream. So even though her biggest fans wouldn’t have slept on these songs maybe there’s a hidden gem from Taylor that you didn’t know existed.

Songs are as follows:

  • Wonderland (1989 – Deluxe)
  • I Know Places (1989)
  • Clean (1989)
  • Treacherous (Red)
  • Holy Ground (Red)
  • The Lucky One (Red)
  • The Last Time (Red)
  • Haunted (Speak Now)
  • Superman (Speak Now – Deluxe)
  • You’re Not Sorry (Fearless)
  • Change (Fearless)
  • Untouchable (Fearless – Deluxe)
  • Superstar (Fearless – Deluxe)
  • The Outside (Taylor Swift)
  • I’m Only Me When I’m With You (Taylor Swift)

Are there any songs you would substitute?

In addition, what’s your favourite song off Reputation?

Happy listening!

Until next time,


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  1. I think pretty much the entirety of Taylor Swift’s first album is underrated, it came out so long ago that no one seems to talk about it anymore, which is a shame. I’d add The Way I Loved You and The Other Side of The Door from Fearless, I’d also say that Starlight and Sad Beautiful Tragic from Red are really underrated. And Last Kiss and Ours from Speak Now. 1989 I would totally agree that Clean is so underrated as is I Know Places, I would also add You Are In Love and This Love. Also Sweeter Than Fiction, it’s a song she did for a movie, is so good and no one else ever seems to have heard about it.

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