Quick Fire Questions | Niall Ransome, writer of FCUK’D.

This Christmas, The Bunker Theatre in London Bridge are producing an alternative Christmas show. After playwright, Niall Ransome, thought about his own experiences at school and with his peers in Hull, he proceeded to write FCUK’D. The play deals with themes of loyalty, abandonment, family and what it is like to be working class in Britain today. I was lucky enough to ask Niall a few questions about the play.

FCUK'D, Will Mytum, by Andrea Lambis (8)

HS: Explain a bit about the premise of FCUK’D and how you came to create the show.

FCUK’D is an hour long one man play written entirely in verse. It follows ‘Boy’ who has kidnapped his little brother ‘Mattie’ and run away from their council estate home in order to find a better life. I wrote it originally as a 15 minute monologue and it sort of grew from there. I performed it at various new writing evenings including the VAULT festival and throughout was making changes and rewrites. Early on I knew I wanted to make it into a play and take it on.

HS: Why did you decide to write the play entirely in verse?

It sort of happened really. When I started writing I’d written other bits and bobs and the chase scene started to rhyme and after that I just stuck with it. I think it’s a lyrical accent and Hull itself has such strong ties to poetry I felt it fit quite well. I enjoy writing that way.

HS: What did you see in actor Will Mytum that made him perfect for the role in the play?

I’ve known Will for years and always thought he’d eventually play the role. He’s a very talented actor and being from the North himself I knew he’d connect with it. We moved to London the same year actually so have similar experiences of leaving home behind.

HS: Finally, can you recommend any resources that may help those who are going through the same struggles the play discuss?

I would suggest the fantastic charity Barnardo’s.

FCUK'D, Will Mytum, by Andrea Lambis (12)

Huge thanks to Niall for answering my questions! FCUK’D will run at the Bunker Theatre from 11th to 30th December. For tickets and more information please visit https://www.bunkertheatre.com/whats-on/fcukd/about

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