Quick Fire Questions | Tori Scott

I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Tori Scott as she prepares to revisit London with a brand new show. Named as one of Time Out New York’s top 10 Cabaret artists, Tori sold out the Zedel back in July and returns in December with a festive show titled Vodka Is The Reason For The Season. She is known for her incredible vocals as well as recounting hilarious stories from her childhood. Today, Tori tells us a bit more about the show.

HS: Hi Tori! London is looking forward to welcoming you back. What can audiences expect from your Christmas show?

TS: I am so looking forward to being back in London and during such a festive time of year!  They can expect to hear some enjoyable Christmas tunes and pop tunes all while I share embarrassing stories about dealing with family during Christmas. They can also expect a couple moments where they might think to themselves “did she really just say that?” And finally, they will also be encouraged to drink a lot!

HS: The show features music from a range of pop sensations, do you have a particular favourite?

TS: I really love the songs I sing in this show! I choose my songs very carefully. They have to really help move the joke or story along. If I had to pick one, I would say my favorite pop star to cover is Michael Jackson. I sing one of his songs in this show and we have the same range! He was such an incredible musician.

Tori Scott - Thirsty! - Supporting Image

HS: Why did you choose the name Vodka is the Reason for the Season for the show?

TS: I grew up in Texas surrounded by a lot of Baptists who liked to remind everyone that “Jesus is the reason for the season”. This is the same group of people that get angry when you abbreviate Christmas to Xmas because “it takes Christ out of it”. I have never been a particularly religious person, but that phrase has really stuck with me so I thought I decided to make it my own. Plus, vodka is really delicious.

HS: Do you have any festive traditions?

TS: I listen to Christmas music pretty much starting in October. I try to wait until November but that doesn’t always work. I also have a couple of Christmas movies that I have to watch every year. Scrooged, A Muppet Christmas Carol, and White Christmas. They are such great films I highly recommend them..while drinking vodka.

HS: Finally, what are you most looking forward to about coming back to London?

TS: Well, of course returning to Zedel which is such a great venue! And, I just learned that French and Saunders have an anniversary special airing on Christmas! I’m so excited to be in London for this so I can watch it!! I’m such a fan! I’m also looking forward to the Borough market where I plan to try all the food and drink. Oh, and mulled wine! I’ve never had it and I think it sounds pretty fantastic!

Tori Scott Xmas - PosterSmall

Huge thanks to Tori for appearing on my blog! If you are looking to inject some festivity in your theatre trips this Christmas then do visit https://www.brasseriezedel.com/live-at-zedel/tori-scott-vodka-is-the-reason-for-the-season-2017/117046700 for tickets and more information.

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