So… where do we go from here?

Look at me in the header image. In New York City, June 2017, there is me having a great time, ready to step onto the Staten Island Ferry and explore a new place.

I have not felt like that in…. a while. The thing is, I’m not entirely sure when it started but I do know that for the latter half of 2017, I have felt so unmotivated with my blog. And to be honest, right now I still feel a bit unmotivated. I’ve seen over 30+ shows so far this year and yet the only time I’ve reviewed a show is when I’ve had to. I could be writing about other things too but then I start to think who cares?! Who gives a shit about what I have to say?! Am I even good enough?! It got to the point where I actually thought about not returning to the site.

And then I hit my first milestone at 10,000 views. My first proper milestone. And although it is quite minimal compared to others but I, then, found myself being really proud that I managed to get to a finish line. Just after this, I had my appraisal at my day job and I started thinking about what I could do to actually start to enjoy blogging again. And at the end of the day, who cares what everybody else thinks? I’ve always blogged for myself and whether people want to read it is pot luck. The site is called not


Nobody likes to be stuffed in a box. I’ve been writing mostly theatre reviews but I want to expand out of that. I do have other interests that I want to spread the word about.


Oh yeah, I made a bookstagram, which I keep forgetting about. This is a prime time, I’ve finally started getting back into reading again. Plus I need a place to document how on EARTH I am going to get through the 200+ books on my to be read pile. If you would like to follow me my bookstagram is Also if you’d like to follow me on my regular instagram that is


Even bigger publications actually post their articles more than once after publishing. It’s just common sense, really isn’t it? In addition, I have a Buffer account that needs using again.


It’s such a simple and easy thing to say but for someone who becomes stressed very easily, sometimes I forget that having a hobby is about having fun! That doesn’t mean I have to review every single show I see but I’d rather enjoy something I love doing than grow to hate it because it stresses me out.

How do you keep yourself from going mad while blogging? I should note, this post was inspired by Sophie at Essential Twenty and how she beats Blogger Burnout which I recommend reading here.

Until next time,


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