Grotty @ The Bunker Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Running until: 26th May 2018
Production photos by: The Other Richard

In a 90 minute whirlwind, Izzy Tennyson’s play Grotty takes the audience on a ride through the underground lesbian scene in London. Grotty centres around Rigby and how she uses the relationships she forms as a way to deal with grief in her family. Grotty is a truly gripping, dark and humorous insight into drugs, first loves and sex.

Grotty, The Bunker - Courtesy of The Other Richard (3) Izzy Tennyson

Playwright Izzy Tennyson stars as her main character Rigby, toeing the line of dark humour and emotional depth with ease, particularly in her long stream of consciousness type monologues. She is supported by a great all female ensemble, who double as other characters Rigby meets along the way. Particular standouts were Grace Chilton who doubled an S&M enthusiast known as Witch and Elliott, a shy confused girl Rigby meets at a party and Anita-Joy Uwajeh who transforms on stage between the mysterious Natty and the outlandish Josie seamlessly.

Grotty, The Bunker - Courtesy of The Other Richard (7) Grace Chilton and Izzy Tennyson

I found the intimate space at the Bunker Theatre to be fitting for this intimate play. Although most shows I have seen at this theatre have only made use of the small stage around the audience, director Hannah Hauer-King’s use of having the characters walk through the audience was simple yet effective; as if to show there are characters like these walking amongst us.

Grotty, The Bunker - Courtesy of The Other Richard (2) Rebekah Hinds, Izzy Tennyson and Grace Chilton

Overall, I really enjoyed Grotty. The play really is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, where you will be laughing out loud one minute and intrigued by the characters’ motives the next. The play spends majority of the time in darkness with very minimal light, which I interpreted as a reflection of stories that focus on female/female relationships on stage are indeed minimal. And this is one of those stories that you shouldn’t miss.

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