Shows To Catch At Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Every August for the past couple of years I have filled with envy at everybody who gets to go to Edinburgh Fringe. A month long event that is filled with all kinds of performances from plays to musicals to stand up comedy to cabarets and more. There’s so much to see and such a range of performers and shows to choose from. Unfortunately, being London based and having used up most of my annual leave already, I won’t be able to make Ed Fringe this year. But here are a list of shows that I would go and check out if I was going.

Thor and Loki

Thor and Loki - courtesy of courtesy Karla Gowlett

Photo by Karla Gowlett

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I am a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor and Loki are two of my favorite characters out of the films and I was elated to hear that a musical about them exists. Created by Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer Harry Blake, the show takes ancient myths and shows them through a modern lens and tackles themes including identity and the damaging nature of society with the wit the characters are known for.

Diary of an Expat

Diary of an Expat 05, courtesy Rebecca Need-Meaner.jpg

Photo by Rebecca Need-Meaner

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This one woman show stars Cecilia Gragnani as she tries to become British while maintaining her Italian roots as Cecilia questions how becoming a British citizen will affect her identity. The play is based on real testimonies as well as Cecilia’s personal experiences, the play looks at the lives of Europeans living abroad and them wanting to understand what expatriating means to a younger generation.


Hunch - courtesy of The Other Richard (1)

Photo by The Other Richard

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Hunch sounds right up my street. Written and performed by Kate Kennedy, who was brilliant in the BBC’s adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and directed by Sara Joyce (director of Dust), Hunch is about a superhero and her power to make gut decisions. After using her power to save lives of others, she starts calling the shots to save her own life.

3 Years, 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle

3 Years, 1 Week and A Lemon Drizzle - courtesy of The Other Richard (5)

Photo by The Other Richard

Tickets & more information:

A frank and painfully funny two-hander play that examines the relationship between two sisters and how that is affected when one of them was diagnosed with an eating disorder as a teenager. Recalling memories, laugh out loud anecdotes and Mars Bars, this play deals with what it is like to live with a loved one who is suffering from a severe mental illness.

Paddington Bear’s First Concert

Paddington Bear's First Concert.jpg

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Something for all the family! The show follows everyone’s favourite bear as he leaves home, meets a new family and enjoys his first concert. Including a live orchestra, an onstage narrator will guide the audience through this classic story. Expect audience participation as Paddington brings games and challenges that will teach the younger children about instruments. Could it get more wholesome then that?

Witt ‘n Camp: SWAG

Hands up.png

Tickets & more information:

The award winning double act Witt ‘n Camp are making their Fringe debut with their new show Swag. Combining musical theatre, character comedy and cabaret, the show is a celebration of the female identity. Starring Charlie Howitt and Holly Campbell, the show is set to provide a great time for audience members with a mix of hip-hop-opera, parole breaking glamazons and even a breast feeding burlesque number. From the sounds of it, there definitely won’t be any other show like this at the Fringe.

And that’s just a small selection of what is available at Edinburgh Fringe. For tickets and more information for the whole festival be sure to check out

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