Ardent8’s Sacrifice @ Soho Theatre*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Running until: 4th August 2018
Production Photos by: Mark Douet

Sacrifice was written by Andrew Muir who, from working at the Bournemouth & Poole College, saw lots of potential talent push their dreams away due to the lack of opportunities available outside of London. Because of this, he set up the Ardent Theatre Company with Mark Sands, to provide the performers with opportunities in the industry. With the company, the graduates are given a paid opportunity for to perform a brand new play in London. The play Andrew Muir has written touches on the subject of actors trying to make it in the industry and poses the question – is it really worth it? The play starts with a man named Sam in a room that’s shared by a group of uni graduates, after meeting them at a pub the night before. Over the course of the play, Sam confronts the group about their shitty living situation and gets them to reevaluate whether living in London at an extortionate rate is worth it after all.

Sacrifice by Ardent. Jamie Parker, Henry Holmes, Clare Hawkins, Sophie Coulter, Angela Crispim & Garry Skimins. Credit - Mark Douet.

I liked that, even in the short run time of 60 minutes, Muir managed to tackle a handful of topics without leaving them underdeveloped. The play touches on racist comments and what makes them acceptable as well as how much people are willing to do for cash. The play also touches on the themes of class which I found really interesting as it’s assumed throughout the play that the most posh one of the group (played brilliantly by Nathan Linsdell) is so rich that he’s willing to lend them all money whenever they feel like it. All brilliantly performed by the entire group of actors, but for me, Sam Weston was a particular stand out as Sam, the stranger, carrying the play with a cheeky smile and a whole load of swagger.

Sacrifice by Ardent. Jamie Parker, Nathan Linsdell, Sam Weston, Garry Skimins & Angela Crispim. Credit -Mark Douet.

Overall, I enjoyed the play and I think the scheme as a whole is a great route for those outside of London to get in. For more information on the Ardent Theatre Company please visit

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