The Three Musketeers @ St. Paul’s Church*

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tickets and more information:
Running until: 2nd September 2018
Production Photos by: Nick Rutter

Rounding out the summer in Covent Garden, Iris Theatre present a new adaptation of Alexandre Dumas classic tale The Three Musketeers. This new adaptation, written by Iris Theatre’s artistic director Daniel Winder follows the protagonist d’Artagnan setting out for Paris in 1626 to join the King’s Musketeers. Only the problem is, women aren’t allowed. Once she disgusies herself and befriends three of the musketeers, soon they find themselves caught up in a plot filled with secrets that could start a full out war between England and France.

Iris Theatre's The Three Musketeers (courtesy Nick Rutter) (14)

I must say that this production is so well directed by Paul-Ryan Carberry. The entire production is set out as a promenade, each scene taking place in different areas of the churchyard. Which I loved, even if it meant moving shortly after sitting comfortably! I really liked that Daniel Winder’s script was quite self aware of what the set was like (referencing how all the inns look the same, with the brilliant Bethan Rose Young playing all of the innkeepers, made me laugh) but the set design by Abby&Alice worked really well and transports the audience from 2018 Covent Garden to 1626 Paris effectively.

Iris Theatre's The Three Musketeers (courtesy Nick Rutter) (5)

The cast did a really great job moving around the set effortlessly too. When Albert de Jongh playing Aramis entered the stage with a crutch and his foot in a boot, I honestly thought it was a character choice… until I read that he did actually break some bones prior to opening on my way home from the show. But I really had no idea throughout the performance and he certainly looks at ease as he commands the stage doubling as Aramis and Lord Buckingham. Matched with Elliott Liburd as Porthos and Matt Stubbs as Athos, the trio make a fine set of musketeers. Majority of the 7 cast members played multiple characters and did so effortlessly but I must mention Stephan Boyce who moved between 4 characters seamlessly. At the performance I attended, there were some kids in the audience who took a shine to him and I loved how his interactions with them were so different depending on the character. Playing d’Artagnan is Jenny Horsthuis who was truly excellent and I really enjoyed the heroic journey she took d’Artagnan on as this made a brilliant match to Ailsa Joy’s commanding, villainous turn as Milady De Winter.

Iris Theatre's The Three Musketeers (courtesy Nick Rutter) (11)

Although the noise from Covent Garden Market and worrying about my hay fever did attempt to make me snap out of the atmosphere at times, this didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the play at all. Overall, I found the production to be a thoroughly entertaining evening that’s got something for all the family to enjoy in Covent Garden which turns out, was exactly what I needed for a pick me up. Do go and see this wonderful, charming production.

Iris Theatre's The Three Musketeers (courtesy Nick Rutter) (8)

For bonus content, you can check out my Quick Fire Questions with director Paul-Ryan Carberry here to find out more about the production.

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