Quick Fire Questions | Scott Alan on The Distance You Have Come.

A new musical is opening at the Cockpit later this month. Award winning composer Scott Alan has created a song cycle using his back catalogue of work, to tell the lives of six individuals who juggle the challenges life throws at them. Under the musical direction of Scott Morgan the production will feature a stellar cast of West End favourites including Jodie Jacobs, Alexia Khadime, Emma Hatton and more. If The Distance You Have Come is set to be in vein to Scott’s albums then the show will be a masterclass in narrative storytelling, sung by some of the best in the business. I was lucky enough to grab a few moments of Scott’s time to find out more about the show.

HS: What is The Distance You Have Comeabout and what can audiences expect from the show?

SA: The show is a love letter to the strength of the human spirit and experience. I wanted to tell an honest portrayal of the world as seen through my eyes. Love in many forms. Identity in many forms. Depression and anxiety in many forms. Survival in many forms. It was essential for me to make sure everything felt honest and real to life. Audiences can expect a good cry, warmth in the form of a hug and characters that they connect to.

HS: The show tackles many themes including addiction, love and depression. What inspired the storylines that the characters go through?

SA: My own life. I write from my own experiences and it was important to tackle these issues face on. I didn’t want to insult the human experience by building a clique. I wanted the audience to know that we hear them, they’re not alone, and we are walking this road with them.

HS: Given this is a piece that uses music from your eight albums, are there any particular songs you are looking forward to staging?

SA: Yes. I’m really excited to stage the song “Anything Worth Holding on To” with the character of Joe (Dean John Wilson). It’s dark. Heartbreaking. And honest to my experience.

HS: Was it difficult to assemble this brilliant cast?

SA: I credit out amazing producers for assembling this incredible cast and for getting my first choices around the board. I couldn’t be happier and I know each of these brilliant actors are going to tear into the music with dignity and grace.

Huge thanks to Scott for answering my questions! For tickets and more information on The Distance You Have Come please visit http://thecockpit.org.uk/show/the_distance_you_have_come


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